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CIDB Malaysia

No. Sijil Pendaftaran : 0120040813-SR097697
(pkk specialization codes)

G7 B : Building Construction
B04 : Building General Works
B05 : Piling Works
B13 : Tile Installation and Plastering Works
B20 : Indoor Gas Pipeline Installation
B24 : Building Maintenance Works

G7 CE : Civil Engineering Construction
CE21 : General Civil Engineering Works
CE02 : Bridge Construction
CE19 : Sewerage System
CE01 : Road and Pavement Construction
CE34 : Pre-Cast Concrete Installation Work
CE43 : Road Barriers and Other Related Works
CE42 : Road Signage and Painting
CE36 : Earthworks
CE31 : Telecommunication Civil Engineering Works
CE03 : Marine Structures
CE10 : Piling Works

G7 ME : Mechanical and Electrical
E05 : High Voltage Installation
E04 : Low Voltage Installation
E11 : General Electrical Works
E02 : Monitoring and Security Systems
E10 : Special Control Panel
M15 : Miscellaneous Mechanical Equipment

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Ministry of Finance


Bumiputera Status
Registered Contractor
Janakuasa, Peralatan/Alat Ganti/Aksesori (Secondary)
Motor dan Alat Ubah/Alat Ganti
Stesen Janakuasa, Peralatan/Alat Ganti/Aksesori (Primary)
Kabel Elektrik dan Aksesori
Wayar Elektrik dan Aksesori

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Sarawak State Government

the business, professions and trading license ordinance

Civil Engineering
Electrical and Mechanical Works

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara

NO. PERMIT: SPAN/EKS/(PT)/800-2C/1/11/252

Permit IPA Jenis C1 (Pembentungan)